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Setting up Splashtop Work From Home
Setting up Splashtop Work From Home
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What is Splashtop WFH?

Splashtop Work From Home is for your client admins and requesters who want to work from home and access their devices remotely. With a secure infrastructure and advanced security features, Splashtop WFH ensures that your clients have a seamless remote experience that keeps their productivity intact.

📝 Note: Splashtop WFH is available exclusively for use by client admins and requesters.

Learn how you can set up Splashtop for remote access and integrate it with to create a seamless work-from-home experience.


  • For requesters who have been granted access to Splashtop WFH, it is mandatory that they install the Splashtop Viewer app on the asset they want to remote in from. This installation is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the integration.

    Please use the provided links to initiate the download of the Splashtop Viewer app:

Before you get started, read through the following instructions carefully.

  • Enable, add, and save WFH for relevant requesters and client admin of each client.

  • Go to Settings > Roles and groups - Requester roles. Give “view” permission for Assets to your client admins or requesters. Similarly, enable “Remote desktop” for them to take remote sessions.

  • Requesters or client admins must install the Splashtop Viewer app on their workstations to watch their remote session.

How the billing works

  1. The billing cycle starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.

  2. Your invoice for the current month will be generated on the 5th of the following month.

  3. Adding a new requester, even on the last day of your billing cycle, will be included in your current invoice.

  4. Removing a requester during the current billing cycle will only impact the pricing on your next billing cycle.

Configuring Splashtop Work From Home

To add Splashtop WFH from,

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Splashtop.

  2. Currently, Splashtop WFH support is limited to the 'SuperOps License' only. You will not be able to enable this for any Splashtop licenses you add on your own.

  3. Inside the Add-On tab, you’ll find Splashtop WFH listed.

Configuring the Splashtop service item

To perform client-level billing, you need to have a service item associated with the Splashtop WFH add-on. Selecting a service item is a prerequisite for adding a subscription item to the respective client.

  1. Choose an existing service item from the dropdown list or create a new one by clicking the “+Add catalog item” button.

2. You will be taken to the Service item page where you can add a new service item. Fill in the details as shown below and hit save.

Adding clients and requesters

Once you add the service item, you now have to associate clients and requesters to start billing.

  1. To add clients and requesters, click the +Client button.

2. Choose the client you want to add from the drop-down list and select the specific requesters within that client for whom WFH should be enabled.

3. To include this subscription item in the contract for this particular client, please check the provided checkbox. This checkbox will not be available if no service item is selected.

4. Once all selections are made, click Save.

5. You can see the current billing amount, revised billing amount, and the list of all clients for whom you’ve enabled Splashtop WFH here.

6. To view or edit the details of the subscription item within the contract, click on "Manage item".

7. You can either choose to use Integration Usage or Custom as your Quantity type. If you opt for Integration Usage, your clients will be billed at the end of every month.

8. To add/remove requesters added under a client click on the “Edit Icon” beside each client. You will be taken to the requester list, where you can add or remove access for the users of your choice.

⚠️IMPORTANT: Billing for the selected users will occur at the end of the billing period. Once saved, charges are irreversible. Even if some requesters are removed immediately after saving, charges will be applied for that billing cycle.

9. Once you've saved your changes, the WFH add-on page will display a summary of the current number of clients and requesters that are currently enabled for Splashtop WFH.

📝 Note: Here are the local currency prices for Splashtop WFH:

USD: $5.00 per requester

EUR: €5.00 per requester

GBP: £5.00 per requester

AUD: $8.50 per requester

Viewing Splashtop WFH information on the client details page

  1. For the clients listed here, you can navigate to their respective client pages and find Splashtop WFH listed as a contract item under the Contracts tab, along with the billing details.

2. On the Requesters page, you'll notice the Splashtop icon displayed for all requesters for whom Splashtop WFH has been enabled.

Initiating remote sessions from the requester Portal

  1. Within the requester portal, if Splashtop WFH is enabled for that specific requester, then a “Remote” button will appear in the Assets tab as shown below.

📝Note: When a requester is associated with multiple clients, their remote access privileges are limited to those clients for which they have been granted Splashtop WFH authorization.

If you want a requester to have remote access privileges for more than one client, the requester must be separately enabled for Splashtop WFH for all those clients. The requester will be charged separately for every client.

2. Requesters can simply click this button to initiate a remote session.

3. If the Splashtop Streamer app is not installed in the asset that you want to remote into, the "Remote" button will be greyed out and you won't be able to initiate remote sessions.

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