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Setting up Splashtop SOS
Setting up Splashtop SOS

Learn how you can set up Splashtop SOS for remote access and integrate it with

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What is Splashtop SOS?

Splashtop SOS is an on-demand remote support solution designed for your technicians. It allows you to instantly remote into both computers and mobile devices with a simple session code.

📝 Note: Splashtop SOS is available exclusively for use by technicians only.

Learn how you can set up Splashtop SOS for remote access and integrate it with


  1. Ensure you have the Splashtop SOS application installed on the device you wish to access remotely. If you're using a mobile device, you can easily download the SOS app from either the App Store or Play Store.

  2. Enable, add, and save SOS for relevant technicians and MSP admin.

  3. Go to Settings and select Roles and Groups. Under Technician roles, grant "View" permission for Assets to your MSP admins or technicians. Similarly, enable "Remote desktop" for them to initiate remote sessions.

4. Technicians granted access to Splashtop SOS must also install the Splashtop Viewer app on their assets. To get the app, use the following links:

How the billing works

  1. The billing cycle starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.

  2. Your invoice for the current month will be generated on the 5th of the following month.

  3. Adding a new technician, even on the last day of your billing cycle, will be included in your current invoice.

  4. Removing a technician during the current billing cycle will only impact the pricing on your next billing cycle.

Configuring Splashtop SOS:

To add Splashtop SOS from,

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Splashtop.

📝Note: Currently, Splashtop SOS support is limited to the 'SuperOps License' only. You will not be able to enable this for any Splashtop licenses you add on your own.

2. Inside the Add-On tab, you’ll find Splashtop SOS listed.

Adding technicians:

  1. You can either buy the Splashtop SOS license for all technicians or handpick the technicians you wish to enable SOS for.

  2. To modify the list of technicians, simply click the "Add/Edit Technicians" button.

3. You can add or remove technicians from the list, as shown below.

4. Once all selections are made, click Save.

5. You can see the current billing amount, revised billing amount, and list of all technicians for whom you’ve enabled Splashtop SOS here.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Billing for the selected users will occur at the end of the billing period. Once saved, charges are irreversible. Even if some technicians are removed immediately after saving, charges will be applied for that billing cycle.

6. Once you've saved your changes, the SOS add-on page will display a summary of the current number of technicians that are currently enabled for Splashtop SOS.

📝 Note: Here are the local currency prices for Splashtop SOS:

USD: $15.00 per technician

EUR: €15.00 per technician

GBP: £13.00 per technician

AUD: $25.00 per technician

Initiating remote sessions from the technician portal:

  1. Within the technician portal, if Splashtop SOS is enabled for that specific technician, then an “SOS Quick Connect” button will appear in the Profile section as shown below.

2. Click the Splashtop SOS Quick Connect button.

3. A pop-up window will appear as shown below.

4. The requester will receive a 9-digit code within the SOS application. Please ask the requester to share this code with you.

5. In the provided field, enter the 9-digit code without using any space or special characters like hyphens.

6. Once you’ve entered the code correctly, click the “Connect” button to establish the remote connection.

📝 Note:

Splashtop SOS is not available for trial users—you'll be able to purchase Splashtop SOS licenses and start using it once you're on board as a customer.

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