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Setting up SSO with Google
Setting up SSO with Google
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To set up SSO for technician login with Google and, please follow the below steps.

  1. Log in to your Google Organization account.

  2. Navigate to Apps > Web and Mobile Apps.

  3. Under "Add App," select "Add custom SAML app."

  4. Enter details for your custom SAML app.

5. In the next step, ensure to copy the SSO URL and certificate.

6. The next step is to add service provider details. For the ACS URL, paste the Consumer Service URL from your instance.

7. To copy the Consumer Service URL, navigate to Settings > Technician Login > SSO > Consumer Service URL.

8. Now, paste the ACS URL and set the entity ID to

9. Next, edit user attributes to pass the below values for to allow the login requests coming in from Google.

  • email - {placeholder used for email in your instance}

  • firstname - {placeholder used for first name in your instance}

  • lastname - {placeholder used for last name in your instance}

πŸ“ Note: Please keep in mind that these attributes are case-sensitive. You'll encounter issues unless the attributes are used precisely as mentioned.

10. Paste the copied certificate into under Settings > Technician Login > SSO > Certificate.

11. If you want to enable the services for all users, make sure you choose the below service status.

12. Similarly, paste the login URL under the login URL in (under Settings > Technician Login > SSO > Login URL).

13. Once you are done, hit save.

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