Creating technician groups
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You can group technicians based on skill sets or the clients they serve. A single technician can be assigned to multiple groups or multiple clients.

To create technician groups:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Roles and Groups > Technician Groups.

2. Click ‘Create’.

3. On the ‘Create new technician group’ page, do the following:

  • Name your group and add a one-line description.

4. Click ‘Edit’ to add technicians (and associate clients) to the group as shown below.


5. Click ‘Done’ when you’ve finished adding.

💡 SuperTip:
Enable Technician auto-assignment checkbox will automatically assign technicians when a new ticket is associated with the group. Tickets get assigned by Round robin or load-based assignment rules.

📝 Note:
Associating clients to a technician group can also be done when you create a new client.

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