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How to create projects
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Defining a project with all the right details is the most important step in getting started with projects. With you can define the project owner, contributors, client details, start and end dates, and milestones among other things.

Define major touch points of your project with milestones

Setting milestones and adding tasks are the two main aspects of creating a project.

  • Without a project milestone, you’re just monitoring tasks and would not necessarily know where your project is headed. Milestones in a project mark the completion of significant events, so you can easily visualize how your project is shaping up.

  • Break down your project into multiple tasks, and keep ticking them away.

For creating a project:

  1. Click 'Create' from the side navigation bar and select 'Projects'.

2. Give your project a name and add a description.

3. Add the following project specifics:

  • Client: The client for whom you’re creating the project

  • Site: The location of the client where the project is taking place

  • Project members: Technicians and client users who are part of the project.

  • Start date and due date: The date that the project commences and its corresponding deadline.

Alternatively, you can apply a template for frequently used projects

📝 Note: You need to create a technician group and associate the client to the group to add them as members to the project.

For adding Tasks:

Navigate to the bottom of your projects section.

  1. Choose ‘Create Task’.

  2. Define all details related to the new task like Technician(s) associated, Technician groups, start and end dates, among others.

  3. Hit 'Save' once you're done.


For adding Milestone:

  1. Choose ‘Add Milestone’.

  2. Associate Tasks associated with the Milestone.

  3. Hit 'Save' once you're done.


Please note that you can choose to NOT associate tasks with milestones.

  1. Apart from adding tasks manually, also helps you delegate tasks quickly by letting you choose from a set of task templates. Task templates have predefined actions in terms of who needs to attend to the task and when they’re to be completed.

2. You can view the project grouped by technicians, tasks, or milestones. At the same time, you can quickly add milestones, members, tasks/task templates from within the project itself.

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