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Updated over a week ago is a truly unified PSA-RMM platform that:

  • brings together the tools you need as an MSP - all in one place

  • has a modern, human-centric design - as intuitive as booking a cab

  • is automation-driven - work gets done when you are asleep

With's platform, you won't need 5 different tools to get your everyday work done. Think of this guide as your launchpad—you'll find all the information you need to hit the ground running and make the best use of the platform from Day 1.

In this section, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up your home screen

  • How to improve your productivity with the ticket workspace

  • Keep your platform safe and secure

  • Get started with project management and IT documentation

Things to know

Before we jump into setting things up, here are some cool things about our platform that you should know:

  • With, you control everything about your MSP. The Settings tab is your control panel that helps you accurately reflect your MSP's structure and functionality within the platform.

  • Relevant modules are always easily accessible in to keep your work flowing smoothly. Need to quickly create a new project while working on a ticket, or check out an invoice while talking to a client? It’s just a click away.

  • All the tickets are color-coded based on their urgency to help technicians prioritize their work better.

  • Working on multiple tickets and assets at the same time? Worry not! Our multi-tab approach ensures you can seamlessly switch between various modules without losing context.

  •'s agents pull up all asset and server-related information from your client's asset to constantly inform you of its health, so you are ready to take action if needed.

  • Our platform is designed to make you and your team more productive. You can use our automation to get rid of boring tasks. There’s more—our automation kicks in right at ticket assignment!

  • A lot of care is taken to ensure our platform is safe and secure. You can be doubly sure of your platform’s security by enabling two-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, and session timeouts.

Terms we use


Modules refer to different units of the platform. For example, the 'Asset' module houses everything related to asset management.


Runbooks refer to our process automation engine, which helps you put your tribal knowledge to effective use. With Runbooks, your technicians will never be thinking "What next?"

Home screen

The home screen is your 'organizer-in-chief' inside our platform. You can customize your home screen with the most important tickets. The right setup will ensure you start your day on the right note - all day, every day.

Now you have all the context you need to glide through the resources in this module to find the solutions you're looking for!

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