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Ticket Audit in SuperOps
Ticket Audit in SuperOps
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As an MSP, maintaining a clear record of who performed specific actions on a ticket is crucial. This ensures accountability and helps track progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows.

The ticket audit captures every activity performed on a ticket. This enables you to have a detailed view of the ticket's history, ensuring that all actions are transparent and traceable.

To access the Ticket Audit, just open a ticket and locate the Ticket Audit tab on the right side of the page. This tab will provide a detailed log of all activities related to the ticket.

The Ticket Audit feature logs the following activities:

  • Ticket Creation:

    • Ticket creation date and time

    • Source of ticket creation

    • Custom and default fields.

  • Ticket Details Updates:

    • Client information

    • Site information

    • Requester information

    • Technician information

    • Custom fields

    • Followers

  • Ticket Lifecycle Events:

    • Merging and Splitting: When a ticket is merged with another or split into multiple tickets.

    • Status Changes: Updates such as when the ticket is resolved, closed, restored, or moved to trash.

  • Communication Updates:

    • Replies: When there are any replies to the ticket.

    • Notes and Side Conversations: Updates or additions to internal notes or side conversations.

    • Notifications: The source of the notifications - either sent by the system or by automation, will also be logged in the audit.

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