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Timesheets for Technicians
Timesheets for Technicians
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As a technician, it's essential to review your completed work and decide which time entries you want to be converted to worklogs, and eventually billed.

With our new Timesheets feature, you can easily review all your tracked time, associate them with a ticket or project, and make edits if needed

To access your timesheets,

  1. Navigate to Modules > Timesheets. You can also access it by clicking View Timesheet from the timer widget

2. Here, you'll find a list of all your active and paused timers.

3. Start, pause, restart, delete, or associate timers with tickets/projects directly from this page.

4. Once you associate timers with a ticket/project, you can convert timers to worklogs individually or in bulk.

5. Get a summary of your work week from the metric widgets

Worklog Views for Technicians:

As a technician, it is crucial to ensure track your completed work and distinguish between invoiced and pending tasks. worklogs ensure you get recognized and paid for the work you do, and analyzing them helps you optimize for more billable hours.

To access worklogs,

  1. Simply switch from the timer tab to worklog views.

  2. Here, you'll find metric widget cards displaying your contributions to the MSP for that week in terms of time logged, how much of it is billable, how much isn’t, after hours, etc.

3. There are two views available: List View and Calendar View

📝Note: The calendar view is exclusively available for Super and PSA plan customers

4. You can edit or delete worklog as needed in the list view.

5. The Calendar view displays worklogs for each day in the selected week, showing hours worked on specific tickets each day.

6. Hover over the total time spent to view billable and non-billable worklogs, along with marked after-hours (more the green, the better!)

7. To make sure every hour you worked is accounted for, go to the calendar view by clicking “View Calendar," see if there are gaps in your worklog entries, and fill them by simply dragging on the timeslots to create worklogs on the go.

8. You can also create new worklogs by clicking and dragging the timeslots, as shown below.

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