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Associating an IT document with a client
Associating an IT document with a client

Learn how to associate your clients with your IT documents with just a few clicks.

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Before you share an IT document with your clients, you need to associate clients with the document. To do that,

1. Navigate to Modules > IT documentation

2. Click and choose the IT document you want to share.

3. Now you can associate any client with the IT documentation by hovering and clicking on the edit icon near the Client name as shown below.

4. You can choose the client you want to associate with this particular document from the drop-down menu.

5. Click “Save” to successfully associate the client with this document.

6. You’ll also be able to remove a client who is already associated with this document and add another client from this page itself.

7. Similarly, once you have an associated client, you can set up the client site also.

8. Now that you have associated your client with the document, you can share it with your clients, and they can view the shared document from the client portal itself.

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