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Adding a new client

Learn how you can a client into with just a couple of steps, set up custom fields and more.

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📝 Note:
Client creation form requires the Client name, First name, Last name, Email (one that is not your sign-up email), Site name, and Timezone as mandatory information.

To create a client profile inside

  1. Navigate to the create page from the side menu and select 'Clients'.

2. In the new client form, fill in the following fields:

  • Client details: This includes basic client contact information such as the client name, email, phone, and secondary contact, if any, along with uploading a company logo.

  • Site and business hours: Under this section, you will be entering the following information:
    - Client-specific information such as the site address, postal code, and country.
    - Business hour details such as the client's timezone, working hours, and holidays.

  • Client configurations: Under this section, you will add the following information: - The client email domain from which your MSP teams will be receiving tickets
    - The account manager managing the conversation
    - Associate the tech groups from your MSP whose services will be majorly used by the client

💡SuperTip: lets you personalize your client profiles by letting you add custom fields to specific clients. You can do this in the ‘Additional properties’ section.

Hit 'Save' when you're done.

Your client profile is ready. Here’s a quick picture of how a client page looks like inside

Client import checklist

If you're facing any issues while importing client information, we've created a checklist to help you troubleshoot the issue. Check each of the pointers to ensure that you've imported information correctly.

After the import, the admin will get a report with row numbers where the error was found. It could one of the below reasons:

  • Header of the file should be taken from the sample CSV and should NOT be changed.

  • The below fields are mandatory, hence empty values will throw an error:
    1. ClientName
    2. PrimaryContactFirstName
    3. PrimaryContactLastName
    4. PrimaryContactEmail
    5. SiteName (This field can have only one value. The site entered here will be treated as the HQ)
    6. Timezone (The timezone should follow the standard canonical tz database codes. Click here to check out the list of timezone conventions.)

  • PhoneNumber and Code have individual fields. Hence, the phone number should not have any spaces as it a number field.

  • Both country and state has to be provided in ISO code. Click here for the list of all the available ISO codes.

We use the Alpha 2 codes in the above.

  • Multiple email domains should be separated by comma values (Field, EmailDomains)

  • Account Manager should have email addresses of the technicians and this should be present in the account.

  • The technician group also should be there in the system and the same names can be mentioned in the CSV. Multiple groups can be separated by CSV

  • ClientName and PrimaryContactEmail should be unique and the file must not have duplicates.

If you're still facing issues, reach out to us at and we'll help you out right away.

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