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Creating worklogs manually
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  1. You can manually set worklogs for services you provided earlier.

  2. Click on the Manual tab and choose a service item, add a date, and comments if any.

  3. Once you are done, mark the worklog as billable or after-hours and click save for the worklog to be created.


4. You can add items to the worklog by clicking Add Products on the top of the screen. Select the products you want to add and click ‘Done’ to add them to the ticket.


5. You can modify the price and quantity of the products in the Associated Products tab as shown below.


📝 Note

You can view all the worklogs created under the ticket below the worklog widget.

Once you’ve created the worklogs, they’ll be added to the invoice audit queue, where you can approve them to add them to the client’s invoice.

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