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Worklogs explained
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Learn how you can add worklogs for time spent on your client’s tickets, and the bill for products your clients need, and actively keep an eye on your running timers.

There are a lot of billable items when it comes to a ticket. The labor that needs to be billed for, the products that the client purchases from you—all of it needs to be accounted for, and billed.

With, all of that and more is made easier. Now, you can:

  • Track the amount of time the technician spends on the ticket using the auto-start timer

  • Manually add worklogs for the time that wasn’t tracked

  • Add products from your service catalog right from within the ticket

  • Quickly access and control all your running worklog timers

Worklog is a record of services an MSP provides to a client, which is used while generating the invoice.

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