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How to integrate Pax8 with
How to integrate Pax8 with

Learn how you can connect Pax8 with to import and manage your client’s subscriptions from one place.

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Subscriptions are a routine part of any MSP’s offerings. A lot of MSPs use subscription management tools to manage them, such as software licenses, antivirus subscriptions, OS licenses, and more. That means that they’d be managing their offerings through two different tools, which complicates things like keeping track of purchases and invoicing for both the MSP and the customer.

By integrating Pax8 with, you can bring your subscriptions into your service catalog and make them an organic part of your offerings. It’s a great combination that empowers you to manage and bill clients for all your offerings in one place.

What is Pax8?

Pax8 is the industry’s leading cloud commerce marketplace that enables MSPs to reliably deliver a diverse array of cloud solutions to their clients. It’s a one-stop shop for different online solutions across categories, from AWS to antivirus software.

Integrating Pax8 with

1. Click the settings icon on the pane to the left. In the settings page, select the marketplace, which you’ll find at the very bottom.

2. You’ll find the Pax8 integration listed under subscription management. Click the "Integrate" button on the right to get started with the configuration process.

Pax8 configuration.png

3. First, log in to Pax8 and navigate to Tools > Partner Shell.

Tools and Partner Shell.png

4, On this page, you’ll see a list of partner shells that have already been created. Select the Pax8 Partner API partner shell and click Create Shell to create a new partner shell for

List of Partner Shells.png

5. Fill in administrator information about the partner shell and click Submit Details to create it.

Shell information.png

📝 Note:

You'll need access to the Pax8 Developer Apps to generate the client ID and client secret key.

To gain access to Pax8 Developer Apps, here's what you need to do:

  • Go to → Tools → Partner Shell → Select ‘Pax8 Partner API Partner Shell’ from the dropdown → Press the Create Button

  • Your organization's Primary Partner Admin can then fill out the requested information for the new Pax8 Partner API Partner Shell.

  • After the Partner Shell is completed, click the link provided to schedule your API Evaluation with an API Specialist.

6. Next, navigate to User settings by clicking the profile icon on the top right. Select the developer apps tab where you’ll see a list of all the apps you’ve created. Click Create. Give the developer app a name to generate the client ID and client secret key.

New developer app.png

7. Use the client ID and client secret key from here to connect to Pax8 in the configuration screen in

Client ID and secret key.png

8. Once you’ve connected with your Pax8 account, you can start syncing your clients and service items across both platforms.

9. In the map client information tab, you can choose to create companies in Pax8 as new clients in, map them to existing clients, or ignore mapping their information. Once you’re done, click Import to start importing clients into

Pax8 map clients.png

7. In the map service items tab, you’ll find all of the offerings from Pax8 listed. Choose which products from Pax8 you’d like to create as new service items in If you’ve already imported service items from your bookkeeping tool, you can map the products with those service items here. If you don’t have any such items, you can also choose to skip the mapping process—we’ll automatically create these items in the service catalog and map them to the corresponding clients. Once you’re done, click import to start importing service items into

Pax8 map service items.png

8. Once you’re done, all that’s left is to click the Enable Pax8 button in the fourth tab and the integration will be up and running!

Once the integration has been enabled, the imported service items will be populated in’s service catalog. These items will be marked with a badge that denotes that the service item was imported from Pax8.

Pax8 service catalog.png

📝 Note:

Items imported from Pax8 are not editable. If you’d like to modify the cost for the item, you can do so by editing the subscription item in the contracts page for the specific client by clicking the override cost checkbox.

The platform then automatically adds these products to the respective clients in the Subscription Items section of the contracts, under the contracts tab of the particular client. routinely syncs with Pax once every 24 hours (or whenever a new invoice is generated.) During this sync, any updates made to products in Pax8 will automatically be reflected in the imported service items in If you’d like to initiate the sync yourself, simply click the Pax8 sync button to the right.

Managing end dates for Pax8 MS NCE subscription items

Due to issues with Pax8’s APIs, we will be disabling automatic end-date addition for MS NCE subscription items added to contracts through Pax8.

Therefore, it's crucial to manually configure the correct end dates in to ensure that billing cycles between both platforms are synchronized and prevent billing inaccuracies.

Here’s how you can manually set end dates for subscription items:

1. Go to Modules > Clients

2. Select the client for which you need to set end dates for subscription items.

3. Switch to the Contracts tab and under Subscription Items, and then click the specific service item you wish to edit.

4. In the Item Properties section, you’ll find the end date field for that service item.

5. Manually set the desired end date for the subscription item and save your changes.

Additionally, please double-check that you are not invoicing expired items in Pax8 to maintain billing accuracy.

Can't find the integration you were looking for? Add it to our product roadmap! We’d love to take a look.

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