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Getting started with marketplace integrations
Getting started with marketplace integrations
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Your PSA-RMM platform's capabilities depend on how well they integrate with other tools in your tech stack. It needs to sit comfortably in your software ecosystem—connecting deeply, bringing in relevant context from across tools, and simply making your work a whole lot easier.

Which is why we built's marketplace to help you add the functionality you need to take care of all your business operations within the platform.

In this section you'll learn how to:

  • Navigate between different apps in the marketplace

  • Connect each app to

  • Keep your databases in sync across apps

Things to know

Before we jump into setting things up, here are some things about our marketplace that you should know:

  • We support a one-way data-sync with integrations like Xero, Webroot, and QuickBooks.

  • The data sync flows in different directions based on the integration; The data flows from the integration into in the case of Xero and Quickbooks, and vice versa in the case of Webroot.

  • You have 3 actions you can perform while syncing databases: create a new record, map to an existing record, or ignore the particular record.

  • Ensure that you have a paid, active license for the tool that you're trying to integrate.

Terms We Use


Referred to as clients in—They're the businesses that the MSP provides its services to.


Referred to as units in—This is used to quantify the products that you offer to clients in the service catalog.


Referred to as hours in—This is used to quantify time-based labour and services that your MSP provides.

Now you have all the context you need to glide through the resources in this module to find the solutions you're looking for.

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