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Automating ticket creation with email parsing
Automating ticket creation with email parsing
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Updated over a week ago’s email parser helps automate a huge chunk of the grunt work involved in ticket creation and organizing the various unknown tickets you receive. It works with a wide range of ticket fields, including client, requester, and other default ticket fields.

The email parser helps manage these emails that may come from any of your external tools, such as RMMs, cyber security applications, and so on. The system parses incoming emails and automatically fills in ticket details, converting the email into a ticket. The parsing engine will look for fieldname-value pairs enclosed within { } to extract the necessary information. It would also be able to pass client and requester information so that the ticket is automatically associated.

Note: If there is an automation rule (event trigger) configured with an action to update parsed fields, the ticket will be created with the automation rule values only, not with the parsed field value.

To use's email parser to automate ticket creation, your incoming emails must contain the fieldname-value pairs with the following syntax:


It can also have multiple fieldname-value pairs within an email body and all would be mapped accurately upon parsing.

πŸ“ Note: The email parser is case-sensitive and will only recognize the following values.

Field Name (Case Sensitive)

Supported Values


Clients available in your application will be matched with the client's "name."


Requesters available in your application will be matched with the requester's email.

Note: The value should be a valid email address.


category defined in by you.


subcategory defined in by you.


cause defined in by you.


subcause defined in by you.


High, Low, Medium


High, Low, Medium


priority defined in by you.


Incident, Service Request

πŸ“ Note: *The "subcategory" and "subcause" fields will only be parsed when the ticket has values for their respective parent fields, "category" and "cause", respectively.

Additionally, the email parser also supports different data types such as short text, multi-line text, radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-downs.

Note: For checkboxes and multi-select dropdowns, values should be in the format of a comma-separated list. Since a comma (,) is considered a delimiter, a value should not contain a comma.

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