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We’ve worked on a search bar that’s easy and makes searching for items between modules as simple as possible. In this document, you’ll find high-level information about how the search bar works, and detailed info about searchable fields and result types, too.

  1. First off, let’s open up the search bar. Click the search button on the pane to the left to open the search bar. (You can press Command ⌘+ K/Ctrl + K to quickly open it up and the Esc key to close it too.)

2. Next, select the appropriate tab based on the item you’re searching for. You can choose between the following tabs: tickets, assets, clients, requesters, projects, and tasks.

📝Note: You need to type three or more characters for the search results to appear.

For example, if you want to search for tickets related to server issues, then you’ll need to type at least “Ser” for the results to show up.

3. You can also filter your search results by client or site from the drop-down menu to display a more focused list of search results.

Here are the searchable fields and result types for each module:

Client module

Searchable fields:

  • Client name

  • Client email domains

  • Site name

  • Site address (line1, line2, line3, postal code, city)

Results fetched: Client, Site

Ticket module

Searchable fields:

  • Ticket display ID

  • Ticket subject

  • Conversation content and attachment name

  • Note content and attachment name

  • Task display ID

  • Task title

Results fetched: Ticket, Ticket Conversation, Ticket Notes, Ticket Tasks

Asset module

Searchable fields:

  • Name

  • Hostname

  • IP address

  • Last logged-in user

Results fetched: Asset

Requester module

Searchable fields:

  • Name

  • Email

Results fetched: Requester

Project module

Searchable fields:

  • Project display ID

  • Project title

  • Project conversation and attachment

  • Task display ID

  • Task title

Results fetched: Project, Project Conversation, Project Tasks

Task module

Searchable fields:

  • Task display ID

  • Task title

Results fetched: Project Tasks, Ticket Tasks

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