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Invoicing in explained
Invoicing in explained
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When it comes to business, invoicing is non-negotiable—you just can’t do business without it. This holds true more so for MSPs, who create invoices for clients for a variety of the services they provide. Laptops, auxiliary hardware, service labor, software subscriptions... the diverse list of services goes on.

In, we understand the need for robust invoicing. That’s why we took a fresh new approach to MSP invoicing, and built an invoicing module that’s clean, intuitive and helps you get work done.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about setting up your invoicing process from scratch, what we’ve done differently, how it works with other tools you’ve integrated with, and more.

What invoicing in does

You can get a whole lot done with the invoicing module in With the invoicing module, MSPs can:

  • Audit worklog items to choose which ones make it to the invoice

  • Generate invoices and edit them

  • Send invoices to clients manually or automatically

  • Get payments for invoices

  • Automate different segments of their invoicing pipeline

    • Automatic adjustment against retainers mentioned in contracts

    • Setting a recurring invoice schedule

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