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Configuring multiple mailboxes
Configuring multiple mailboxes
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Creating multiple mailboxes

Whitelabel client communications, route tickets based on ticket properties, automate the mapping of requesters to multiple clients, and more with multiple mailboxes.

How to configure multiple mailboxes

By default, you can set up the support email inbox with a custom outgoing address where replies to your requester tickets are sent from.

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Now, if you need to create more mailboxes, say, to create a more personalized experience for different clients, you can now set up multiple mailboxes in Here’s how.

How to configure multiple mailboxes:

  1. Click Settings >Domain and Email, under My MSP.

  2. Click on “Add new mailbox” at the bottom right of the page.

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  3. Give the new mailbox a name to make it easier to find, and enter the support email address you want to use for this mailbox.

  4. Click the copy icon to copy the forwarding email, and create a forwarding rule with your email provider.

  5. You can also choose to associate tickets received from this mailbox under a specific client or assign them to a particular technician group using the advanced settings. Click save once you’re done.

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  6. You can repeat the same process for any number of mailboxes, without necessarily associating it with any particular client—for example,,, etc—so that you’re not cluttering a mailbox with emails with disparate sources.

How to use multiple mailboxes better

  • Automatic mapping of requesters to multiple clients: If a requester, say, John, who is part of Acme Inc writes to Beta Inc's mailbox or a ticket gets assigned through automation to Beta Inc, then John would be auto-created under Beta Inc as well.

  • Ticket routing: You can scan the incoming emails for conditions such as From, To, Descriptions, etc, and define the action to be performed using automation rules in This will help you keep your inboxes organized—for example–you want to receive your support emails at and alert emails at, you can create the conditions under Event Triggers.

Head over here to learn how to set up Event Triggers.

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