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Using Wake on LAN to wake your client’s assets
Using Wake on LAN to wake your client’s assets

Learn how you can use Wake on LAN to wake client assets and improve patch deployment success rates.

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More often than not, there are a few assets in your clients network that end up asleep when you need to push any critical patches. With Wake on LAN, you can increase the success rate for your patch deployment at scale, and make sure that important patches get installed on time.

What is Wake on LAN?

The wake on LAN feature wakes a device remotely from sleep or shut down mode while the device is connected to a power supply.

In order for Wake on LAN to work, the “magic packet” must be delivered from a device that is connected under the same network as the device that needs to be turned on.


  1. The agents should be located under the same customer in

  2. There must be at least one agent online in the network.

  3. The asset that you want to wake must be in the same subnet/network as the other assets you manage.

  4. All devices must have an internal and external IP address.

  5. Wake on LAN (WOL) must be enabled in the BIOS of every device that is connected to that network.

6. Make sure that ‘Wake on Magic packet’ is enabled on the device’s Ethernet Connection Properties

a. To do that, navigate to Device Manager > Network Adapters

b. Select the network adapter that your device is connected to.

c. Right-click on the adapter and go to Properties, and select Advanced Settings.

d. Scroll down and enable ‘Wake on Magic Packet’ and ‘Wake on pattern match

e. Also, make sure that ‘WOL and shutdown link speed’ is enabled and set to 10 Mbps first.

f. Go to Power Management and enable all three checklists.

g. Once you are done, click OK.

How to set up Wake on LAN:

  1. Navigate to Modules > Assets

  2. Select the asset for which you want to wake.

  3. Click the Actions button on the top right corner of the page.

  4. Choose the Wake on LAN option from the drop-down list to successfully activate WOL on your device.

Conditions under which WOL works:

Case 1: When the device is connected to a wireless network, such as WiFi, Wake on LAN works only when the device is in sleep and not shut down.

Case 2: When the device is connected to a wired network, such as LAN, Wake on LAN works in both sleep and shutdown modes.

Case 3: Since Port 9 is where the magic packets are sent, the asset must be listening on Port 9 for WOL to function.

📝 Note:

For the LAN adapter, the device should always be connected to an active power supply.

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