Creating a new service item
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Click the settings icon on the pane to the left and select service catalog under My MSP.

Once you’re inside the service catalog, click the create button at the top right to add a new service item to your catalog.

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Here, you can add basic information about the service item, such as name, description, and what category it falls under, and define what type of service item it is using item properties.

Here are the properties you can define for each type of item:

  • For products, you can add the cost per unit.

  • For worklog hours, you can define cost per hour during business hours, cost per hour after business hours, and round up the time in the worklog to make calculations easier.

  • For block hours, you can add the total number of block hours, the cost per hour, and the total cost. You can choose whether these block hours are applicable only during business hours or throughout the entire day, and the items that will consume these block hours.

  • For block money, you can choose which items will consume from these blocked resources, the total amount of block money, and whether it’s applicable only during business hours or throughout the entire day.

💡 SuperTip:

You can mention if a service item is taxable or not while creating it. You can configure your taxes in Settings → My MSP → Tax with the two frameworks available:

For the US region, you can mention if an item is taxable or not. What tax should be applied would be set up at a global level under a client’s invoice settings.

For the Non-US region, tax can be mentioned at a global level and at an item level. In this case, every item will be taxed at that rate, and on the total, the global tax would be applied.

Once you’ve defined the service item in detail, click the save button to save the item to your service catalog.

If you’re already using billing and invoicing tools such as QuickBooks or Xero, then you don’t have to manually replicate your existing service catalog in Through integrations with these tools, you can map clients across platforms and import your service catalog into in a matter of minutes.

📝 Note

If you’ve integrated with QuickBooks or Xero, and you're adding a new service item, please make sure that it's synced with your bookkeeping tool to keep your catalog consistent and avoid any issues while invoicing.

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